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    64 Life Cards

    an I AM tool for conscious evolution...

    Change is the only constant, how about being aware while it is happening?    

In 2005, I immersed myself deeply into the process of collage and out of it came the 64 Life Cards 'I AM' series. Since then I have been in the process of integrating them into the Chakra System and elaborating on through blogs, videos and radio interviews. I invite each one of you to try collage as a tool for yourself to get greater awareness about who you are and where you are at. If you don't feel like immersing yourself that way, then please enjoy exploring the cards below.

click here for an interview with Susan Antelis and Ellen Weinstein on the process of collage


      The Root Chakra


   I AM Mother or Victim - card 1       I AM Living on Earth - card 2      I AM Trusting in Resources - card 3

     click for: Blog/video  radio          click for: Blog/video radio             click for: Blog/video radio

 interview with Fabienne Heymans      interview with Ra Uru Hu             interview with Alison Gilbert



      I AM Aware - card 4                  I AM Longing for Love - card 5        I AM Giving Birth - card 6

     click for: Blog/video radio            click for: Blog/video radio              click for: Blog/video radio

  interview with Johanna Sophia      Connie Jiminez and Ellen Weinstein      interview with Beth Rosen



  I Am Making a Choice - card 7            I AM Waiting for You - card 8     Wisdom Sitting in the Tree of Life - card 9

    click for: Blog/video radio               click for: Blog/video radio            click for: Blog/video radio

interview with Michael Anthony Hurley        interview with Zeno                 interview with Irene Windhorse


     The Sacral Chakra             The Solar Plexus                The Heart Chakra


      I AM Empress or Martyr                    I AM Warrior or Servant               I AM Lover or Actor

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      The Throat Chakra


      I AM Communicator or Silent Child

      click here for video

     this is a work in progress...                    


      64 Life Cards       

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