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We offer the tie as a medium of communication… 


  Jackie - Blue Tie-Dress.

   Maria - Butterflies

 wit Yvette-tulip 2000.jpg (31691 bytes) Yvette - Tulip

   Ghazla - Butterfly

wit Renata-magnolia.jpg (28961 bytes)  Renata - Magnolia 

wit Sheryl-playing with color and form.jpg (25383 bytes)wit Johanna Sophia in playing with color and form.jpg (59012 bytes)  

Cheryl and Johanna-Sophia - playing with color and form

Maria - stars

wit Connie-el sol.jpg (19405 bytes)  Connie and Johanna Sophia - el sol  

wit Rita in metamorphis rose.jpg (33295 bytes) 

Rita - metamorphosis Rose                     Johanna in Valentine

   Jackie - Shell Tie-Dress

Patricia - I Am what I Am

  Emanuela - Color Drops.

  Maria – Love is the Answer

  Tse Wang - Tibet


I hope you enjoy my collection.

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